• OPD timings
  • MON.-FRI. : 8 AM - 5 PM IST
  • SAT. : 8 AM- 1 PM IST


Tata Global Beverages Ltd, High Range Hospital brings a dedicated team of Doctors, nurses and health care professionals together to deliver high standard medical care to the plantation workers and their families. This uniquely located hospital caters to non-company civilians, local tribals and tourists as well. Our committed primary and secondary level medical care with multi-specialty ensures cost effective treatment for every patient. This hospital which caters to a population of over one lakh spread over 500 square kilometers, caters to over 60000 out-patients and 7550 in-patients annually. Over 2000 Surgeries and over 550 deliveries are conducted annually.

About Us

"TATA Global Beverages Ltd, High Range Hospital is a multi-disciplinary baby friendly hospital which won the 'Best Industrial Hospital' award is an institution of pride upholding the ethical values of TATA. It is committed to serve to the local community with dedication which is well accepted and appreciated by the local population".
High Range Hospital Rd, Nullatanni,
Munnar, Kerala 685612